Tuesday, September 28, 2021


It has been a very long time between art projects but I was inspired to create this after attending the opening of a co-op art studio this last late summer. 

I wanted to make it large but the price of a large canvas was prohibitive so I bought these smaller ones and lay them all together and worked on them as one. Problem came up as to how to attach them so I came up with the idea of turning them over and using a large piece of cardboard I nailed it to the back. It worked. At least until I figure out a better way. The color does not show up very well but the back ground is a plum wall paint. The two bamboo images are made with torn wall paper from a catalog the leaves are cut from same pages. There are some faint bamboo images in back ground that are painted  on with acrylic paint and the image in lower left side is a postcard print from a painting I have. The artist's name is Gary Campbell who I met in Charleston, SC while on vacation.


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