Friday, March 30, 2018


Several years ago I bought this Mexican made clay planter. I loved the shape and for a couple of years it looked great.  Then between the elements and our wonderful dog Marshal it was doomed for the trash. But I loved it so much I kept the pieces when we moved and for two years now I have been planning to fix it.

Finally this past week I had Bob move it to my studio table and set about doing what I could to repair it...As you can see there are major repairs to be made...Head to attach to base, feet to rebuild along with horns and ears.

The first day I used this 2 part Apoxy Sculpt to reset the head onto the body...This is marvelous stuff. It takes only a few hours to harden and can be sanded, drilled etc. Often used in museums to repair art pieces.

So far it is working...the next day the head was stable. Now to sculpt a foot, horns and do some repairs on the ears.

As you can see the feet, ears and horns are repaired...The next step is to add a coat of thin set with vinyl which will dry hard as concrete and that along with base coats of house paint will make it waterproof...

Finally the fun part...Over the next few days I will continue to paint in images and then paint in the background...Tedious but fun....following is the progression of the painting..


I am finished with the painting and I am happy with the way it tuned out.It is completely different then what it started out to be..a plain Mexican planter. Different is good! Change is good! New life is good! 

Now it will sit on my lanai just outside my sliding door. I will plant it with succulents that do not require so much water since it is going to be under roof...Our new greyhound doesn't like it...He is afraid of it but will get used to it in time. 

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  1. Hi, Sis... I l love this planter. You did a wonderful job. Now I want one. *smiles*
    Love ya, and your planter.